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Do you get enough out of your waste?

Wamatech is specialist in processing and optimization of waste for recycling


  • Separating waste into 'clean' fractions for recycling
  • Baling all kinds of products; right from cars to cardboard, plastic etc. The result is reduced freight costs
  • Preparing for incineration or recycling
  • Shredding vehicles and waste
  • Processing WEEE and hazardous waste
  • Shredding and Granulating all kinds of waste; right from paper to cars
  • Shearing steel scrap




IFAT 2018, Munich, Germany: 14th - 18th May 2018

Wamatech takes over ARP Scandinavia

As per 1st June 2016 Wamatech A/S has taken over all activities from ARP Scandinavia, Brovst, Denmark within consulting, contracting sales and service of machines and equipment, mainly within the recycling industry. Wamatech A/S will be the company name for all future activities. Websites www.Wamatech.dk and www.wamatech.com



American Baler

American Baler

Wamatech has been appointed exclusive agent for AMERICAN BALER in the Nordic countries, Germany and Greece.

American Baler Company is one of the oldest and most respected baler manufacturers in the world.

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